Old photos of Grandma's family

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Jean, 1927

Grandma Jean's home in Buck's County (from a post card)

the farm

the farm 1947

Grandma's mom Grace & sister Sara

Grandma's mom Grace, sister Sara, & brother John

Jenny Powel Worthington

Jean as a girl


The farm that Grandma Jean lived on as a girl

Grandma Jean & her mom

Grandma Jean & some puppies

Grandma Jean's family (siblings) & father Amasa

Grandma Jean's father Amasa

Jean & a puppy


Jean on horse

Jean & her mom

Jean & kittens

Jean & kitty

Billy, Fern, Carole

Jean & Bill in the Crossroads bar in Spooner

Billy, Carole, Fern

Carole, Billy, Fern

Fern, Bonnie, Carole

Grandpa Bill, Fern, Carole, Billy

Jean & Carole

Jean, Bill & Grandma's sister Helen

Jean & mule